Decorative Porcelain Stool Cidra Bird by C.A.M
Spruce up your living space with a vibrant tropical stool created exquisitely from fine glazed porcelain and hand-painted in a rich warm tonal palette with wildlife birds meticulously drawn in artistic detail. Unique luxury furniture that can be functional as...
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Maroubra Beach Cactus Flower Handmade Soy Candle –500ml
Cactus Flower: The unexpected beauty of rare desert blooms after soaking winter rains. Cactus blossom. Bergamot. Freesia. A floral phenomenon. Be enchanted with botanical fragrances of cactus blossom and bergamot that will take you on the wonderous journey to the relaxing...
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Porcelain Pink Small Trinket Dish Leopardo by C.A.M.
This decorative Leopard Savon Dish has been crafted from fine porcelain and hand-painted with exquisite precision and artistic design. This intricate dish will compliment your washroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living space to hold your precious items or simple showcase as...
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Set of 2 Blue Bookends Royale Elephant by C.A.M 28cm
Add a touch of the wild to your bookshelf with these Royale Elephant bookends from Creatively Active Minds. Durable and well-proportioned this striking animal book set has been hand-painted in indigo blue with gold decorative tusks. Designed exclusively in Singapore...
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Porcelain Trinket Box Palacio Abeja with Brass Bee Lid Pink by C.A.M
This beautiful trinket box by Creatively Active Minds featuring a bronze bee feature lid and pink honeycomb effect is perfect for your precious keepsakes and will look equally beautiful in your bathroom or use it to store small trinkets or...
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Porcelain Soap/Lotion Dispenser Cidra Bird by C.A.M 22 cm
Enrich your hands and a glimpse into fine porcelain art in our delicately created soap & lotion dispenser by Creatively Active Minds. Perfected with a cracked glaze, the piece is skilfully created in Singapore using both traditional and modern techniques Add...
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Porcelain Trinket Box Heirloom with Brass Bird Lid by C.A.M
Spoil yourself with an heirloom keepsake porcelain trinket box by C.A.M. Featuring a brass bird lid and beautifully hand-painted floral native design over a cracked surface effect, this exquisitely designed treasure piece will be ideal to place in your bathroom or...
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Reusable Porcelain Diffuser Lemon & Green Tea by Chando 200ml
Sensually refreshing, this scent emits the dewiness after a downpour. The delicate fervour from the sun radiating the clarity of Jasmine and Nutmeg, rejuvenating the earths demeanour, with a lacey veil of Green Tea & Lemon. Perfect for your home, a...
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Solid Brass Candle Holder in Blossom Abeja Bee by C.A.M 24cm
Add charm and height to your living space with our decorative heirloom solid brass candle holder stick boasting 24cm in height. It is no wonder that you think of classic exotic beauty when you set eyes on this sophisticated décor...
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Porcelain Small Green Dish Leopardo Savon by Creatively Active Minds
This decorative Leopard Savon Dish has been crafted from fine porcelain and hand-painted with exquisite precision and artistic design. This intricate dish will compliment your washroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living space to hold your precious items. Designed in Singapore by...
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Large Pig Money Box Black Resin 25 cm
There is no better classic than our Pig Money Box. Easy to remove the cap at the base for sneaky coin access, so you can use your piggy time and time again. The perfect addition to kids bedrooms or nursery...
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2 Piece Gold Plated Cheese Knife Set White Marble & Resin
When classic meets contemporary with our classy set of 2 cheese knives. Decorated with speckled resin, white marble feature handles and sleek steelwork of fine gold-plated stainless steel, we have the perfectly polished cheese cutlery set. This essential luxury cheese...
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12 Piece Cutlery Set Stainless Steel & Marble Pink & Blue
Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cutlery Set — a perfect addition to any dinner party. This collection is inspired by tradition and classicism. Timeless shapes are finished with Marble and Enamel, each individually welded onto the handle to create an eye-catching finish....
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Large Blue Decorative Parrot on Stand Avairy Indigo Sculpture by C.A.M.
Designed in Singapore by the team behind Creatively Active Minds this stunning distinctive statement Parrot Indigo will brighten up any home. Indigo Parrot on perch, hand-crafted from resin and hand-painted, with incredibly detailed head, beak, and claws. This stand is...
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Blue Fine Ceramic Trinket Box Pajaro Azul by C.A.M 15cm
Beautiful in blue, this ceramic box ticks all the trend boxes, from antique cues to an edgy attitude. The box lid is enriched with a brass metal bird that adds a stylish edge to the elegant design. Just as beautiful as...
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Chando Oil Diffuser Refill Apple Blossom
Sprint into the arms of Spring as the sweet blend of Apple and floral flourishes in the air. Sparkled with juicy Pineapple, the scent blossoms into a delightful birdsong. Chando Fragrances are alcohol-free and have been tested by SGS to be in...
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Ahoy Trader Hawaii Akela Cross Wall Art Blue
The Hawaii Akela Shell Mini Tile is designed by Jai Vasicek and handmade in Byron Bay, Australia. All pieces are unique and will vary slightly with paint splashes and pompon colour. Each Tile comes packaged in its own Limited Edition Box. Pair it...
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Crawling Snail Decorative Sculpture Black 24cm
Balck Resin Crawling Snail Sculpture is the perfect companion for your bookshelf or windowsill. Shaped like the humble garden snail sliding his way down your shelves, this decorative sculpture will bring a touch of fairy-tale magic to your home. There’s no denying...
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