Sara Flor Ceramic Shell Tile Wall Art by Jai Vasicek Boxed
The Sara Flor Ceramic Shell Tile by Australian Artist Jai Vasicek has been entirely painted by hand to create extraordinary pieces of wall art. With vibrant uses of paint splashes, pompon decoration, & detailed conceptual hand painting that will embellish...
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Large Aviary Decorative Parrot on Stand Pink by C.A.M
This stunning Aviary Parrot is perfect for those special keepsakes and will look equally beautiful on your bathroom counter, kitchen, home office or entry sideboard. Designed in Singapore by the team behind Creatively Active Minds this stunning distinctive statement Aviary...
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Porcelain Vase Este Maxillara Yellow & Green by C.A.M
Rippled in sophistication and adorned with beautiful botanical flowers, our Porcelain Este Maxillara Vase makes for that eye-catching piece in your décor scheme. Perfected with a crackled glaze, the piece has been skillfully created in Singapore using both traditional and...
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Kanji Organic White Terracotta Oversized Urn Pot
Showcase this magnificent oversized white terracotta urn in your beautiful interiors and living space. Decorate your home with gorgeous fresh plants and flowers in this beautifully textured organic vase that has been delicately hand glazed. Perfectly suitable to be displayed...
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Porcelain Trinket Box Heirloom with Brass Bird Lid by C.A.M
Spoil yourself with an heirloom keepsake porcelain trinket box by C.A.M. Featuring a brass bird lid and beautifully hand-painted floral native design over a cracked surface effect, this exquisitely designed treasure piece will be ideal to place in your bathroom or...
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Clayton White Marble Ceramic Wooden Bedside Table
The Clayton white & black bedside with white ceramic marble top is a sophisticated and versatile bedside table. Featuring 2 drawers with silent drawer glides and dark wenge veneer, the Clayton white bedside table will add sophistication and style to...
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Reusable Porcelain Diffuser Lemon & Green Tea by Chando 200ml
Sensually refreshing, this scent emits the dewiness after a downpour. The delicate fervour from the sun radiating the clarity of Jasmine and Nutmeg, rejuvenating the earths demeanour, with a lacey veil of Green Tea & Lemon. Perfect for your home, a...
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Large Blue Decorative Parrot on Stand Avairy Indigo Sculpture by C.A.M.
Designed in Singapore by the team behind Creatively Active Minds this stunning distinctive statement Parrot Indigo will brighten up any home. Indigo Parrot on perch, hand-crafted from resin and hand-painted, with incredibly detailed head, beak, and claws. This stand is...
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Large Decorative Cockatoo Sculpture On Stand Indigo by C.A.M 63cm
Engage in an exotic display of our most loved bird sculptures, we bring forth to you our brand new dark tonal indigo blue cockatoo bird on perch. This magnificent decorative sculpture has been exquisitely crafted from resin & hand-painted with...
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Porcelain Stool Isla Jaguar by Creatively Active Minds Pink 45cm
This stunning printed stool makes for a statement piece in any space. Features classic stalking jaguar through a jungle of tropical pink flowers and finished with animal print pattern on top. Isla Jaguar by C.A.M. would work well as a...
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Porcelain Trinket Box Palacio Dragonfly Pink by Creatively Active Minds
Crafted from fine porcelain, Pink Trinket Box Dragonfly Palacio by Creatively Active Minds has been beautifully hand-decorated. Entirely painted by hand, it’s just the thing for storing your precious trinkets and treasures. Perfected with a cracked glaze, the piece is skillfully created...
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Porcelain Pink Small Trinket Dish Leopardo by C.A.M.
This decorative Leopard Savon Dish has been crafted from fine porcelain and hand-painted with exquisite precision and artistic design. This intricate dish will compliment your washroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living space to hold your precious items or simple showcase as...
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Palm Door Stop
Hold the door! Let the fresh air come through your house without having to worry about any slamming doors. This perfect doorstop is your answer, with a touch of style.
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Marble Diffuser Peony Garden by Chando Black Reusable 200ml
The natural texture weaves an exquisite calligraphic painting, with a flower blooming like a drop of ink in water, painting a fantastic portrait of a garden. Be beguiled in this graceful oriental beauty as the scent of Peony reveals her charm....
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Ceramic Wall Art Vallee de Roses Boxed by Jai Vasicek
The Vallee de Roses Shell Tile is designed by Jai Vasicek and handmade in Byron Bay, Australia. All pieces are unique and will vary slightly with paint splashes and pompon colour. Each Tile comes packaged in its own Limited Edition...
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White Orchid in Pot
Standing 45cm tall, this artificial Orchid looks stunning in white. With delicate petals and long flowing stems, you’ll love not having to water or prune this orchid. A stunning flower arrangement all year round.
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Crawling Snail Decorative Sculpture Gold
Gold Resin Crawling Snail Sculpture is the perfect companion for your bookshelf or windowsill. Shaped like the humble garden snail sliding his way down your shelves, this decorative sculpture will bring a touch of fairy-tale magic to your home. There’s no denying...
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Porcelain Stool Abeille Verde with Bees Decor By C.A.M
Boasting a striking printed pattern, our fine porcelain stool makes for an understated couture piece in any space. Featuring an array of classic humble-bees placed on a pattern of hexagonal honeycomb background and glazed to perfection. This bespoke stool would...
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Set of 2 Blue Bookends Royale Elephant by C.A.M 28cm
Add a touch of the wild to your bookshelf with these Royale Elephant bookends from Creatively Active Minds. Durable and well-proportioned this striking animal book set has been hand-painted in indigo blue with gold decorative tusks. Designed exclusively in Singapore...
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Porcelain Este Jardiner Floral Trinket/Soap Dish Pink by C.A.M
This Porcelain Este Dish Jardiner from Creatively Active Minds is a high-fashion accessory for your home. Skilfully made from porcelain, this dish has been decorated with a beautiful floral design. Forever on-trend, you won’t be able to resist it. Designed...
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4 Piece Cheese Knife Set Gold Plated Marble & Resin
This striking cheese knife set emanates both class and functionality. This luxury 4-piece white marble cheese set equips you with a variety of knives to be used in serving both hard and soft cheeses. The perfect addition to elevate your cheese plate...
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Porcelain Diffuser Tea Leaf & Bergamot by Chando
A delicate yet joyful harmony of bergamot and moss. A fresh and joyful sensation of Bergamot swirled in the refreshing essence of Moss, harmonizing grassy and citrus notes perfectly. The heart whispers hints of jasmine, refreshingly delicate and tender. The...
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Large Pig Money Box Black Resin 25 cm
There is no better classic than our Pig Money Box. Easy to remove the cap at the base for sneaky coin access, so you can use your piggy time and time again. The perfect addition to kids bedrooms or nursery...
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2 Piece Gold Plated Cheese Knife Set White Marble & Resin
When classic meets contemporary with our classy set of 2 cheese knives. Decorated with speckled resin, white marble feature handles and sleek steelwork of fine gold-plated stainless steel, we have the perfectly polished cheese cutlery set. This essential luxury cheese...
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